300 hr YTTC

Yoga Anatomy,
Advanced Sequencing and Adjustments

6th March to 3rd April

Join our 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa. Palm Trees Yoga School presents this advanced training in Vinyasa and Yoga Anatomy. This yoga course runs over 4 weeks and is residential with accommodation provided onsite at the Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage Resort. This course is fully registered with Yoga Alliance, led by Julia Gavin.

This is our yoga shala at Palm Trees Yoga School. Yoga Teacher Trainings will take place here.

The Yoga Course Details

The program offers a modern approach to teaching yoga with emphasis on developing a self-practice in Vinyasa Flow and the pedagogy of teaching technical workshops. The course offers a comprehensive module in Yoga Anatomy and Physiology for students gain technical information of how to use the physical body effectively to develop a safe and intelligent practice.

This is an advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa and students are advised to have yoga teaching experience along with a 200 hr YTTC certification. This will allow students to fully access the curriculum, building on existing teaching skills and knowledge. Students will be sent pre course studies to ensure that there is a consistency in the level of the participants.

Group sizes are small and intimate. We cap number at 12 students on both courses.

300 hr TTC Course Objectives

  1. develop a practice of Vinyasa Flow and understand the role of Ashtanga Yoga in the practice
  2. understand the technicalities of advanced Vinyasa Flow postures and complex transitions
  3. learn advanced sequencing including pyramid, mandala and music flow
  4. learn how to adjust postures
  5. develop commentaries to give anatomical and technical instructions
  6. take a holistic approach to the anatomy of yoga through the fascial body
  7. connect with meditation and advanced breath work
  8. study from The Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita

Key Modules

The Anatomy of Yoga

Students will learn about the skeletal muscular system to determine how and why the body moves through a yoga practice. The module is taught in a practical way with functionality being taught through the application to postures, looking at how we stretch versus how we strengthen. The role of the fascial body will be referenced throughout in order to appreciate the holistic approach to bring about movement, knowing how overcome resistance in the body. This module will include the anatomy of the shoulder, hips, spine and feet alongside working with the Superficial Front and Back Lines, Spiral Lines and Arm Lines. The concept of biotensegrity will be explored in depth. The is focus on dispelling some of the myths surrounding the physical part of a yoga practice. This is undoubtedly a very technical module. The theory is then integrated and referenced throughout the YTTC in order to bring a very technical and intelligent approach to your practice and teaching. Students will learn about anatomy through experimental and functional movement.

Advanced Vinyasa Flow

Morning practice will include peak posture flows. With several set sequences to learn, students will flow through dynamic sequences, reaching a final destination. Flows are technical with anatomical references given throughout, hence learning anatomy through movement, a key feature of this course. Students will develop a self-practice of Vinyasa Flow by understanding how to prepare the body to achieve or advance postures. Peak postures will include: King Pigeon, Vasthistasana, Grasshopper, Koundinyasana 1&2. The classes will bring together the traditional alignment of Ashtanga Yoga and functional movement.

Teaching Methodology 

Students be encouraged to build on their existing repertoire of teaching tools. In particular, this module will focus on how to develop a yoga class commentary, with technical anatomical references given in an accessible and populist way. In understanding the anatomy of the postures and what is done to achieve a particular posture, precise technical instructions can be given to encourage an intelligent practice.  Advanced teaching methods will include The Music Flow, Mandala Sequencing, Peak Posture Pyramid and Vinyasa. This module allows students to demonstrate what they have learnt throughout the 300 hr TTC and there is ample opportunity provided to be experimental.

Ashtanga Yoga Adjustments

Students will develop a hands on approach to teaching skills. An adjustment allows deeper access to postures. It is an important part of the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Adjusting in Vinyasa Flow is becoming increasingly popular. The module will outline what you can and cannot do in a yoga class and will facilitate practicing the adjustment of key Vinyasa Flow postures.

The 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training includes Ashtanga Yoga Adjustments.

Advanced Yoga Workshops

These workshops are taught in a fun and progressive environment with the aim of understanding key Vinyasa Flow postures and transitions. Students will explore postures in terms of a combination of traditional alignment and functional movement, looking at how we move from posture to posture with the transference of weight being as important as the posture itself. This is how we develop an intelligent practice. Workshops include:

  • Shoulder Stability
  • Happy Hips
  • Ashtavakrasana and More
  • Handstand – It’s all about the Journey!
  • Backbending – A Transition
  • Myofascia Release

Workshops will include mini flows, yogi drills and mindful stretching, partner work and exploration, cuing tips and playtime.

Yoga Philosophy

Students will learn about the surrounding philosophies of Ashtanga Yoga and the history of this practice. Teachings will come from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita.

Booking Details


This course is residential and students are encouraged to stay with us at the resort in order to fully immerse themselves into the yoga training. Accommodation is onsite with meals served in our restaurant. We have a range of accommodation types to suit all budgets. The tranquility of the resort provides an excellent study environment and opportunity for transformation on many levels.

There are limited non-residential options on request for those of you who are living nearby.

What’s Included

  • 28 nights shared accommodation at Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage Resort
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Course tuition and course materials
  • Yoga equipment and use of facilities
  • Wifi
  • Celebration Dinner at Palm Trees Riverview Restaurant


Prices for March are largely discounted as the yoga season is super slow. The course is tied at those still in Goa.

2 share accommodation: 1495 euros per person.
Contact Julia for non-residential rates.

Yoga Course Dates for 2022

6th March to 3rd April
20th November to 18th December

For all course enquires, you can email Julia, Lead Trainer, through our contact page. We fully understand that this is a huge commitment with lots of schools in the area to choose from. She will be able to give any advice on selecting the right course for you and is keen to chat to prospective students before signing up.

We will be studying under the palms of Patnem.

Study for the YTTC in a hammock. The resort has heaps of hammock spaces, under the palms of Goa.

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